godef: tag stack empty

Recently I configure my mac with vim-go and gotags which could jump to a tag definition with the CTRL-]  and jump back with CTRL-t .

But when I jump back , I end up with an error “godef stack empty” , fortunately you could fix this by add the follow line to your  ~/.vimrc

let g:go_def_mapping_enabled=0

Fail when go get gopkg.in/yaml.v2

One may comes across some error on install yaml.v2 using `go get`, like:

$ go get gopkg.in/yaml.v2
package gopkg.in/yaml.v2: unrecognized import path "gopkg.in/yaml.v2"

Usually it’s a network error, please try:

$ go get -v gopkg.in/yaml.v2
Fetching https://gopkg.in/yaml.v2?go-get=1
https fetch failed.
import "gopkg.in/yaml.v2": https fetch: Get https://gopkg.in/yaml.v2?go-get=1: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
package gopkg.in/yaml.v2: unrecognized import path "gopkg.in/yaml.v2"

If this is what you get, then just  type:

$ go get -insecure gopkg.in/yaml.v2

And that’s all you need, enjoy 🙂